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📦 Crate


A powerful little state management library for roblox, written in roblox-ts (opens in a new tab).

Early Beta


Please note that Crate.ts is still in early development. The API is not final, and is subject to breaking changes. Use at your own risk.


Crates.ts was born out of a need for a simple state management solution.

Why Use Crates?

🔒 Immutable

  • The state held within a crate is read-only. All state changes must be handled through the API.
    • Any methods that return state (get(), onUpdate(), or useMiddleware()) instead return carbon-copies.

🚤 Fast

  • Under the hood, crates are optimized to use the least amount of resouces possible for your needs.

📏 Scalable

  • Crates are able to scale up to your needs big or small.

😌 Simple

  • Crates will require little boilerplate to function, allowing developers to implement a quick and dirty state system on the fly.

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